Practice Focus

I like to work with individuals and couples, specifically:

  • those who identify as POC and/or LGBTQIAA+, third culture adults, mixed race and or other therapists.

  • who want to make sense of their family and upbringing

  • survivors of emotional abuse/spiritual abuse within a family/community

  • adult children of narcissist/borderline personality disordered parents

  • who fear passing on their "family issues" to their children or new partner.

  • struggling with who are dealing with symptoms of grief, depression, hopelessness, chronic emotional pain, fatigue, stuckness, perfectionism, and/or social anxiety.

  • struggling to navigate intersectional feminism/LGBTQIAA+ issues and their religious faith

  • who want to talk about oppression and how patriarchy/white supremacy has personally affected them

  • people who consider themselves activists, artists, healers, highly sensitive, and deep thinkers

Online Therapy

In addition to meeting in-person, I also offer online individual therapy through live videoconferencing for clients residing in Washington State (and outside of the United States). I use the HIPAA compliant videoconference programs Simple Practice,, and VSee. I require that we meet initially in-person in my Beacon Hill office for three sessions prior to transitioning to online therapy to establish a relationship. At the end of the three sessions, we will discuss whether online therapy is appropriate. Online therapy is recommended for clients without frequent emergency management or need for intensive treatment. 

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”
— Parker J. Palmer