Approach for Couples Therapy

I help couples find intimacy once again. 

You might be in a place where you have a lot of doubts about your partner and don't believe that your relationship can work. You might feel like you are "going through the motions" of the relationship and parenting, rather than connecting. You may have great communication with your partner, but struggle through some deeper issues or you may be realizing that you and your partner never figured out how to have difficult conversations that produce change and intimacy. 

I help couples reconcile their desire for security and adventure in their relationships.

There is hope that you can talk about difficult desires in therapy. The desire to have stability and security, at the same time trying to find a sense of adventure, mystery, excitement and to explore the unknown. 

I help couples move towards each other instead of away from each other. 

I use many different types of modalities to couples therapy. I draw a lot from readings and trainings from Esther Perel, John Gottman, and Stan Tatkins.  I use cutting edge research in three areas (neuroscience, attachment theory and the biology of human arousal) to guide you in overcoming challenges you face as a couple. We will focus on moment to moment shifts in your face, body, and voice and ask you to pay close attention to these as a couple. I will create experiences similar to those troubling your relationship and help you work through them in real time. I also may videotape sessions to provide immediate feedback to you.