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Today, did a livestream to talk about the forces that keep me in my head:

- my ego, which only likes thoughts and not feelings

- my ego is dismissive of my concerns and bringing body wisdom into my biz

- my ego is only concerned with getting gold stars by being highly esteemed and externally respected

- the institutional mindset of perfectionism— being addicted to looking put together

- professionalism- the need to maintain credibility through speaking and acting a certain way

- fear of judgment- scared to say the wrong thing or be authentic because others might criticize and hurt me.

What are same forces that seek to genocide our authenticity.

This mindset forces us to choose between belonging and authenticity.

I am choosing to not belong. I am choosing to be authentic to my values even if it makes people uncomfortable. Even if there is judgment and criticism.

I’d rather be alone than accepted for being a shadow, playing it small and being stuck in the martyrdom trap.

Will you join me in the fringe?

Thank you @iamtyceleste and @issapante for showing me so much love and support during this live. Y’all are so dope.

Here is the link for my livestream:

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