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  • Angela Tam


The first step in liberation is awareness and self inquiry.

Curiosity and compassion are big players in the first steps. With curiosity and compassion, we can approach the parts of us that are steeped in willful ignorance and violence. Parts that love to watch others suffer. Parts that love to oppress and dominate. Parts that seek power hoarding and facism. Parts that love assimilation and colonization.

If we continue to deny and suppress those parts in fear that they will run the show, how is this liberation work to be done? Through fear? No, it’s only through love and acceptance for these parts that we find integration.

Graphic reads: “If you, an Asian Healer, is working on metabolizing your internalized YT supremacy, it is essential to move towards, love and accept the parts of you that is ablest, anti black, classist, transphobic and patriarchal. We need to BEFRIEND the parts of us that love violence and seek to decimate marginalized parts within others and ourselves. So many of us push or avoid those parts within us, but we need to move towards it and be in relationship with these parts. This is LIBERATION.”

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