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  • Angela Tam

Marketing is not attention seeking

Folx that grew up with emotionally neglectful caregivers or caregivers that taught us to be hyper independent know this well: don’t try to get “attention”.

And some of us grew up and became therapists (me!) and now have my own small business and need to market.

The act of marketing brought up so many messages of shame and inadequacy:

“How pathetic, you’re not good enough to get on this platform and say all these things about yourself”

“You have nothing good to share”

“You’re trying to be an attention seeker”

What’s been so healing for me is to befriend the shadow parts in me that want me to stay invisible as a protective mechanism.

Healing happens when we befriend and connect with ourselves

Then the external goals, like marketing, just flows.

Learn more about this in my healing container: The Embodied Entrepreneur. Apply in the link in bio

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