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  • Angela Tam

My shady therapist part

Helpers respond to oppression by helping. Helping is also a non trauma response, but it can also come from a place of wanting control and predictability.

It can come as a surprise to find out that your helping parts are not YOU. I know I was so surprised to find out that my inner helper was not me. My inner therapist was a part of me.

Whew, that was a shocker.

But also a huge relief.

My therapist part wants to focus solely on the well being of the clients, often neglecting my own care. It fears being seen as inadequate, incompetent and selfish if that part prioritizes my needs.

Something that this part tells itself is “my worth is based on how effectively I am helping my clients. Taking care of myself is secondary to that”

If this part is something that resonates with you, lmk how it shows up in your system!

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