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  • Angela Tam

Self sacrifice is harmful

I help coach 1st/2nd gen womxn/femmes/non binary/trans immigrants of color from the harmful cycles of self sacrifice.

Self sacrifice can be so sneaky. It can look like “generosity” or “mutual aid”, but it slowly chips away at you after you realize that you have nothing else to give. We sometimes don’t realize it until it’s too late and we are burned out.

It’s important to be in relationship and befriend these parts that have a singular focus of wanting us to serve our people and community, without much regard to our financial goals.

These service oriented parts of us seem noble and virtuous, but they often live in a binary “all or nothing” way. They don’t allow us to rest until we’ve depleted all of our resources for the community. They truly believe that we can gain the acceptance that we’ve always wanted and needed through proving ourselves by being in service to others.

I invite you to work with me as we take a deep dive and unpack this immigrant mentality

The pay offs will extend intergenerationally. Your descendants will thank you!

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