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  • Angela Tam

Taking the Time for Inner Healing Is Not Selfish

So many of us Asian identified folx were raised to be “selfless” and to “consider other people”

There wasn’t a template for more nuance. To have seasons of looking inward and outward. To practice communal and self care.

In this livestream, I introduce the concept of The Therapist/Helper part, The Student part and the Embodied Entrepreneur part.

Most of us are familiar with our Therapist and Student part running the show, but we’re not familiar with the Embodied Entrepreneur.

the therapist part: pros: it helps us earn money with 1:1 clients, it is highly attuned to clients, empathetic, compassionate, caring. Sweet AF

Cons: is stuck being a martyr, undercharges, can’t imagine getting out of insurance panels, has no boundaries, equates love with giving selflessly.

The student: believes that they can be an A+ therapist by being an A+ student, learning all the modalities. This part spends time getting credentialed, is proud when others respects them and sees them as smart and put together.

Con: is stuck in perfectionism, believes that modalities is a part of rescuing people, has a propensity towards burnout because the studying is endless, may cause person to drain bank account with studying and learning, believes wisdom exists outside of them.

Embodied entrepreneur: pros: has boundaries, has vision for the future beyond 1:1 work, decouples worth from salary, really sees the value of the persons labor, doesn’t undercharge, knows when to go inward or outward, seeks support from persons intuition, sees themselves as part of a community, acknowledge that inner healing work is the number one force of effectiveness as a biz person, can tap into their own unique perspective and is confident to share the perspective authentically in their marketing, examines perceived/real threats and harm and sees it as a learning opportunity to not project it onto others.

Cons: none

Here is the link to the video via YouTube:

Would you join me in nurturing this Embodied Entrepreneur? Dm me with the word CHANGE to learn more

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