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  • Angela Tam

Violence and oppression

I’m angry. I’m grieving. I’m deeply saddened by what’s going on in Israel and Palestine. I don’t fully understand. But I know my anger and sadness is not enough.

We collectively and individually benefit and are harmed by the effects of people dehumanizing each other.

I know what is happening is not easy to understand. It’s nuanced. There has been violence in both directions.

This is what YT supr3macy wants… it wants to pit people against each other. It wants to villainize “others” or those that don’t conform. It sees our enemies as “animals” but fails to see how we are all complicated and nuanced.

For those who are hurt, I see you. For those who are reeling from grief. I see you. For those who are dysregulated, I see you. For those who are spinning from uncertainty, I see you.

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